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Before you start panicking about all the corona virus- 19 news you read over these days, specially from 2020 to 2022, just take a deep breath. In through your nose for four seconds, hold for for seconds, out through your month for eight seconds.

But you know the online world and some social media with false propaganda is full off fake news and hate speech around the world. We have to threw the cold water on internet trolls.

No matter where the source of the Covid-19 virus is, the Chinese people are actively fighting the epidemic. The government and the people are united and united. China's domestic economy is running smoothly, production, life, and work are carried out in an orderly manner, and living prices are stable. At present, there are no internal Covid-19 infectious agents in China, and only sporadic overseas Covid-19 infectious agents enter the country. The government discloses the epidemic information in a comprehensive, fair, and rigorous manner, and updates it in real-time.

As for LIJIANG Glass, all employees of the company are actively fighting against the epidemic. The employees have been injected with the third anti-epidemic vaccine. The factory workshop and office have been sterilized and sterilized. The unassembled equipment and spare parts are covered with dust-proof cloth, to reduce exposure to the external environment. Before delivery, the wooden boxes are packed with high-purity alcohol for two times of sterilization and sterilization to ensure the safety of overseas shipments.

So, We believe that our government and public medical resources can lead us through this difficult time. Facts have also proved that China is currently the safest country and the country with the most successful epidemic Covid-19 prevention.

This is the point where we need to learn how to face the fear, especially the fear of black swan events of unknown outcome, because when we fall in love with our fear we tend to enjoy the feeling of uncertainty every day.

Needless to say, the duration of this crisis will have enormous implications in both human and economic terms. We are confident the situation will get through the storm unscathed.

China already has changed. The hardest support requires the strongest wills.

Hereby offering the message we'd like to echo to you, my dearest partner.

"For nothing in the world is it worth turning one's back on what one loves. Yet that is what I'm doing.‘’

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Hello LIJIANG Glass,

I have nothing but admiration at this moment for the proactive attitude and quick response that the Chinese government and people gave in front of this unknown threat! I am sure that if this Covid-19 virus outbreak would have happened anywhere else in the world, the effects would have been much, much worse.

I am on your side and I have learned a long time ago that media and internet provide information that serves profits and not necessarily Truth. Rest assured that the voices that are not heard understand this critical situation and see this in a light not affected by hate speech and fake news.

We are not divided, the time for us all to understand that we are one has come. Above our nationality, above our skin colour, our political or social preferences, we are all "human kind".

I am sure that, as one, we will move past this challenge and rise stronger and more to come, our battles with the future and the struggle for shaping the world and the universe to our needs have just begun. I just hope our children will learn from our mistakes, that they will not be blinded like we are by the veil of national, political and ideological borders, that they will be a better, kinder, more united"human kind".

For what it's worth, please accept our congratulation for the fearless and determined battle with this threat that you are fighting for all of us.

China has changed, and it will change more in the future. So will the world. We need to change, as change is the only path to the future. We just need to always make sure that the change is for better.

Best Regards,

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First of all, thank you very much for your concern, and my family and I are currently well. Thanks again!

The media news you see does exist, but it may not be all true. Some may be that some personal media only selecting fragments of facts in order to obtain more stream. At least my colleagues and friends, who are in a good situation.

But I have to say that we are facing difficulties. In order to better prevent and control the epidemic, the city have to go slowly, which makes it more difficult for us to travel and more difficult to obtain supplies.

But both our government and enterprises are actively addressing it. Many of us are helping each other and delivering the warmth of the city.

During fighting the epidemic over the past two years China's achievements make us confident that the future release time will come soon.

The Chinese government has also issued announcements confident that it will be under control within the next two weeks.

These two days, we did see the number of infections falling. And our company is also making positive efforts. Most customers' orders are not affected and are still proceeding as planned.

 LIJIANG Glass has made plans for the raw materials in advance.

Attached please see the food in our canteen and the workers still working at firm.You can still see a smile on their faces.

And my colleagues and I have been staying in the factory to ensure that our business is not affected.

We will spend in the hard days, which is also a good exercise and test for my life. It will be very helpful to my future life perseverance, although I don't want this to happen.

Please rest assured that your business is not affected.

Thank you very much for sending me the message and support, sincerely thank you!

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