All equipment must be welded on the base, with reasonable and reliable intervals between each equipment, and strong ropes must be used to fix the equipment in all directions to prevent collisions.


Designate the Responsible Person

Each piece of equipment shipped must be assigned a person in charge by the production manager (scheduling), and the person in charge shall be in charge of the relevant equipment group leader, or a person who is really familiar with the equipment.


List the Number of Packages

Persons in charge of various equipment must list the number of packages of the products they are responsible for. If there is no person in charge, the production manager (scheduling) will replace them, or designate a person in charge.


Packaging and Anti-rust

The person in charge is responsible for arranging the packaging and anti-rust treatment of the equipment according to the delivery requirements, and compiling the packaging quantity, the weight of the packaged parts, etc., and posting them in a conspicuous position after the packaging.


Packing Requirements

The person in charge of production (scheduling) prepares the packing requirements and the packing fixation requirements for each type of equipment, and ensures that each packing has a diagram, which can be assigned to the person in charge of each packing.


Electrical Assembly Confirmation

Before each shipment, the person in charge of electrical and assembly needs to confirm and sign according to the actual production detail form; the person in charge of electrical and assembly is responsible for the relevant signature.


The Quality Inspection

The quality inspector is responsible for inspection and inspection, confirming the production requirements according to the production detail form, and signing; the quality inspector is responsible for the relevant signature.


The Total Confirmation

The person in charge of production (scheduling) is responsible for the organization and coordination, and is responsible for the final general confirmation, signing the production schedule, and being responsible for the entire production process of the equipment.


Production Schedule Archive

The production manager (scheduling) sends the last corresponding table and diagram to the back office staff for archiving, and the production manager (scheduling) keeps an archive for future reference.