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How much do you know the brush roller of glass washing machine

Generally, 45# round steel is used for the brush roller of a glass washing machine, and the bristles are mostly nylon material, which is acid and alkali resistant. If you need to add an acid cleaning glass washing line, you must use all stainless steel brush rollers to prevent acid corrosion. The installation of the rollers generally uses a strip brush machine to make a strip brush and then spiral and weld it to the roller shaft; The suction roller is made of a high-density hydrophilic molecular sponge, which has good water absorption performance and fast drying. It is used to fully and quickly absorb the water droplets on the glass surface. 

The brush roller of vertical glass washing machine

 The brush roller of vertical glass washing machine 

The brush roller of horizontal glass washing machine

The brush roller of horizontal glass washing machine 

The glass washing machine is fine in other seasons, but the sponge roller is often

damaged in cold weather season. What is the reason about that?

In fact, the sponge roller of the glass washing machine is quite durable. As long as it is kept clean and moist, there is no problem in normal use for three or five years, because the main function of the sponge roller in the glass washing machine is to absorb the water on the glass. Stain, absorbing water stains will not damage the sponge roller of the glass washing machine. 

So, how does the damage to the sponge roller on the glass washing machine cause it, and why is there more damage to the sponge roller in high latitude areas?

In high latitude areas, the climate is cold and the temperature is low. When the washing machine is first turned on, the sponge roller is the most likely to cause damage. The main reason is that the temperature at night drops sharply. Because the sponge absorbs too much cleaning water, it does not dry the water in time. Easy to freeze. The installation of the sponge rollers corresponds to the top and bottom, leaving a gap in the middle to accommodate the passage of the glass, so when the temperature is low at night, the gap in the middle may freeze. In this way, once the transfer is turned on the next day, the transfer roller of the glass washing machine starts to rotate. When the sponge roller rotates, the sponge on the sponge stick will be torn, causing damage to the sponge roller.

So, how to avoid damage to the sponge roller of such a glass washing machine is to first heat the cleaning water, raise it to a suitable temperature, then turn on the water pump, spray water on the sponge roller, and start the transmission after all the ice melts. Motor, so that the sponge roller will not be damaged. 

How to washing a piece of glass by Vertical Glass Washing Machine

How to prevent possible problems with cleaning machine brush roller products? 

How to prevent possible problems with cleaning machine brush roller products, Jinan Lijiang Glass Automatic Equipment Co,.Ltd, as a professional glass deep processing equipment manufacturer, can give you some suggestions for reference only:

  1. First of all, the brush roller must be cleaned and packaged before leaving the factory, because a lot of broken hairs will be produced during the process of planting and flat hair, so the brush filaments should be combed before packaging and the broken hairs should be cleaned. 
  2. Secondly, in the transportation process from the manufacturer to the user, in order to prevent debris and dust from infiltrating the brush filaments, packaging materials such as boxes and bags should be used for packaging to prevent damage to the brush roller. 
  3. Thirdly, before reaching the manufacturer, be careful not to expose the brush filaments directly (without any packaging), and place them on the ground or in other contaminated environments. 
  4. Finally, put a cushion on the shaft head of the brush roller to keep the brush wire upright and clean.

The insulating glass washing machines produced by Jinan Lijiang Automatic Equipment Co,.Ltd manufacturers all adopt the above measures to ensure the normal cleaning and use of the brush rollers and provide the most price-competitive and more stable machinery for the majority of glass deep processing practitioners, about vertical glass washing machine and horizontal glass washing machine. Welcome to click here for business consultation and equipment purchase.

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