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Two-Pump Sealant-Spreading Machine for Insulated Glass Hollow Glasing Double Glazing Processing Hot Sale on March Expo
Product Description

LJST02A Two Pump Sealant Machine
The two-component gluing machine is a two-component gluing machine produced with the latest domestic technology. It is suitable for sealing and bonding insulating glass, curtain wall glass, and mechanical manufacturing. The A-component glue pump and the B-component glue pump adopt hydraulic systems and The pneumatic drive system is sensitive and reliable in commutation, and its convenient and unique ratio adjustment mechanism guarantees to limit the nearly stringent ratio requirements of the two-component glue, continuous and uniform glue output, good glue coating effect, and high production efficiency.





Pneumatic system pressure




Power supply

380V or 220V

Component A barrel

50 gallon

Component B barrel

5 gallon

Plastic extrusion pressure


Mixing ratio


Above information is the Specification from Jinan LIJIANG Glass Tech. Standards.

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Advantages & Features

Main Product Structure

1 The two-component glue applicator mainly includes component A squeeze pump, component B squeeze pump, A glue pump travel assembly, B glue pump travel assembly, high-pressure plunger pump (proportional pump), ratio adjustment mechanism, mixed coating It is composed of a glue system, pneumatic control system and hydraulic control system. 2 The squeezing pump of component A is driven by a hydraulic system, and the squeezing pump of component B is driven by a pneumatic system. The glue of component A is sucked in and increased to high pressure. The glue of component B is sucked in and sent to the high-pressure plunger pump for boosting. The flow rate of the glue of components A and B is adjusted by the ratio adjustment mechanism and then sent to the mixer at the same time to fully mix. After arriving at the glue gun. 3 Component B glue is equipped with a high-pressure ball valve (return valve) to relieve pressure during glue flushing. A one-way valve is installed at the front end of the curing agent hose to prevent components A and B glue from interlocking and solidify the channel. 4 Adjustment of the allocation ratio of groups A and B Different two-component adhesives have different mixing ratios, which should be carried out in strict accordance with the technical requirements, so as not to affect the performance and engineering quality of the adhesive. The mixing ratio can be changed by adjusting the position of the slider on the connecting rod. When the ratio reaches the requirement, tighten the slider nut.

Benefits & Advantages
This machine is used to make the application of sealant in insulating glass.1. The pure pneumatic control of LJST02A high-energy two-component glue dispenser mainly consists of the base material pump, curing agent pump, proportional pump, base material pump lifting system, ratio adjustment structure, glue mixing system, and pneumatic system. 2. The base material pump, curing agent pump, and proportional pump all use special high-pressure plunger pumps, two-way equal feeding, and the base material pump and curing agent pump are driven by a pneumatic motor. Both are supplemented with a pressurized supply pressure plate to fully ensure the full cavity delivery of high-viscosity fluids. The base material is pressed and increased to high pressure, the curing agent is pressed and pressurized, and then sent to the proportional pump. The flow of the curing agent is controlled by the ratio adjusting mechanism. After adjustment, the two components are fed into the mixer at the same time, and reach the glue gun after being fully mixed. 3. Both the lower outlet of the curing agent filter and the inlet of the mixer are equipped with high-pressure ball valves for flushing and pressure relief. The mixer is equipped with a one-way needle valve, which not only makes the mixing more uniform but also can effectively prevent the two groups The parts flee each other, solidifying the channel and blocking it. 4. The lifting system adopts manual valve control. The ratio of the two components can be adjusted by adjusting the position of the slider on the swing rod. When the required scale is reached, the nut can be tightened. The operation is simple and convenient.

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