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LJLQ02 Vertical Glass Washing and Drying Machine could wash max glass of 2500 mm*3500 mm, which machine is suitable for deep processing of small format glass, more large size and less size of flat glass washing could be optional.

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KTLQ-2500 Vertical Glass Washing and Drying Machine

KTLQ-2500 glass washing machine can wash max glass of 2500mm*3500mm, more large size and less size can be optional. 

- Self-Diagnosis system with touch screen on computer. 

- Stainless steel washer with 8 ( 6 ) brushes, soft brushes from MONFORTS of Germany, hard brushes automatically open when Low-E glass input. 

- Rotate speed of brush frequency control. (optional) 

- Stainless steel air knife is automatically adjustable according to glass thickness, Max thickness to 19 mm. 

- High speed cleaning ( max 14 m/min), Low noise ( max 70 dB), high availability working. (25 second /unit) 

- Automatic detection of Low-E glass and alarm for coating in reverse. (optional) 

- Structure stepped and three-layer I.G. unit available. (optional) 

- Precision of plate press: ±0.3mm.

Equipment Advantages

Advantages & Benefits

☆The glass washing machine could wash ordinary flat glass or coated glass with a thickness of 3~12mm; 

☆The washing area uses 3 pairs of brushes or optional 4 pairs of brushes (or imported soft brushes, coating or Low-E Glass special), two or four water cleaning; 

☆The machine adopts an inclined vertical structure, the flat glass is placed on the conveyor roller, passes through the feeding section, cleaning and drying section, and reaching the discharging section to complete the glass cleaning task; 

☆The washing area and the water tank are made of stainless steel and corrosion-resistant materials; the inclined wind knife with strong wind can dry the glass surface; 

☆The discharge section is equipped with inspection lamps to check the cleaning quality of the glass. The machine is easy to operate, and the operation buttons are concentrated on the operating table.

Configuration of three pairs of brushes

Six high temperature resistant wire brushes with diameter of 180mm + four sprays, the glass is cleaned and the speed is fast (10-12m per minute). The first brush is equipped with two bristles and is lifted by a cylinder.

Water rust and corrosion resistant

The parts and screws in the washing box that are in contact with water are made of stainless steel, copper, waterproof aluminum, nylon and other materials. They will not rust after long-term use and are easy to maintain.

High efficiency air knives

Two pairs of stainless steel air knives are equipped with high wind power and good drying effect, with heating system. The unique circulating windshield drying system is energy-saving and low-noise (the wind temperature can reach 40 degrees without heating in winter).

Stainless steel structure

The air-drying box glass support frame is uniformly welded by high-strength stainless steel, and the whole washing parts of glass washing and drying equipment will be used for a long time without rust and will not cause secondary glass pollution.

Max. glass processing size
Min. glass processing size
Washing speed
Glass thickness
3-15 mm
Insulating glass thickness
≤40 mm
Water supply
0.5 tons/day of circulating water, conductivity ≤40μS
Working height
580 mm
3P 380V 50Hz
Ambient temperature
10°C-30°C, according to DIN 40040
Relative air humidity
≤ 75 %, according to DIN 40040