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The U.S. Glass Industry Producer Price Index Rise in October 2021.

According to the latest producer price index from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, the seasonal unadjusted prices of glass and glass-making materials in October showed an upward trend year-on-year.

In October, the monthly producer price index of bulk commodity flat glass increased by 2.6% and 9.8% respectively from October 2020. According to the regulations of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the classification of commodities is "classification of products and services based on similarity or material composition.", Regardless of the industry classification of the production organization."

The flat glass manufacturing index in October also increased by 4.6% from September 2021 and was up by 15.5% year-on-year.

The industry classification measures "the price change (ie, net output) received by the output of the industry in the place where it is sold outside the industry."

The price of structural metal products rose from last month's producer price index report. In the commodity sector, the index rose 38.8% from the same period last year and 1.6% from September. In the industry category, the manufacturing index of decorative and architectural metal products increased significantly by 18.4% from September and 54.2% from October 2020.

Compared with the October 2020 report, the producer price index of metal windows rose by 1.0% and 15.0%. The price of metal doors and frames also rose 1.2% from September and 24.4% year-on-year.

The hardware cost of builders, including glass and glass assembly, also fell slightly from the September 2021 report, with a decrease of 5.5% and an increase of 17.1% from October 2020.

September-October 2021
October 2020-October 2021
Plate glass
Flat glass manufacturing
Prefabricated structural metal products
Decoration and construction metal products manufacturing
Metal window
Metal door and frame
Builder's hardware

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