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Description of the problem of tempered glass self-explosion

In the process of actual engineering, the tempered glass may occur under normal use conditions, and there is no visible external force impact under normal use conditions.

The cause of crushing or cracking is complicated, which can be roughly divided into three categories:

First, the reasons for the tempered glass itself, such as the expansion of nickel tandem variations in tempered glass, the stress concentration caused by hard stones, the peripheral tangential stress of the monophyte silicon impurities is too large, etc., the crushing or cracking of these reasons is called " Self-explosion. In addition, excessive tempered, tempered glass stress is uneven, and the external factors in these production processes in these production processes in the glass side can make the internal stones of tempered glass easier to self-explosion. Since heterogeneous particles such as sulfide, single-tie silicon particles, the self-explosion, the self-explosion, often have a typical self-explosion crack.

Second, design, installation, or improper use. For example, glass stress resulting in an excessive size of tempered glass is used, and a glass member made of multi-tempered glass or tempered glass and other glass is used, and the structure or usage environment is in a long time in heat exchange. However, it is frequently subjected to high-temperature differences and cold, and so on.

Third, many cases are the comprehensive effect of the above. In the actual engineering process, the integrated effect is more universal.

The above situation shows that the root cause of the design, installation, or improper use is determined by the inherent characteristics of its own, so the tempered glass is automatically avoided in non-impact states.

Figure1 The self-explosion problem of tempered glass

Figure1 The self-explosion problem of tempered glass

To reduce the harm and loss of tempered glass self-explosion, the following measures can be taken to reduce the crushing or fracture of the above-tempered glass non-impact state:

a) Use the original sheet containing less vulcanized nickel sulfide calculus, particulate impurities, and bubbles, even with high-quality processing grade flat glass original sheet; moderately tempered, avoid excessive glass temperance stress, and ensure that the surface stress is uniform; improve the side Processing; following the international industry standards Appendix A requires a secondary heat treatment for tempered glass (commonly referred to as detonation, homogeneous or hot immersion treatment); refer to international industry standards "Glass defect detection method before tempered glass _ Bomb Scanning Law "scans the product, analyzes the defect type at the center of stress, and takes appropriate measures on products with self-explosive hidden dangers.

b) Design, use appropriate sizes of tempered glass and ensure accuracy of the processing; ensure the quality of the installation, avoid deformation of tempered glass during installation; reasonable design the effect of thermal stress caused.

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