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The Overview of the Fireproof Glass Industry in most Countries.

The ReportLinker has released an overview report on the fire-resistant glass industry in most countries. The fire-resistant glass market has developed considerably. The dynamic changes that support this growth make it necessary for companies to keep up with the pulse of market changes. Laminated glass will bring health benefits and add significant impetus to the development of most countries.

It is estimated that the fireproof glass market in most countries will grow by US$6.5 billion, with a compound growth rate of 12.7%. Among them, laminated glass shows high growth potential, with a more than 13% growth rate.

The United States, the representative of developed countries, will maintain a growth momentum of 11.2%. Europe is still an essential part of the world economy. In the next 5 to 6 years, Germany will increase the size and influence of the region by 257.5 million dollars. It is estimated that more than 212.6 million dollars in demand in the area will come from other European markets. By the end of the analysis period, the market size of laminated glass products will reach 163.5 million dollars in Japan. As the world's second-largest economy and a new changer in most countries' markets, China will show 16.3% growth potential in the next few years and bring about 1.6 billion dollars in opportunities. Several macroeconomic factors and internal market forces will determine the growth and development of demand patterns in emerging countries in the Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East.

The main competitors in the fireproof glass market include:

AsahiGlassCo., Ltd.





DravensbyGlassCo. Ltd.



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