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The Compound Annual Growth Rate of Low-E Glass in the Next Few Years will be 3.3%.

Low emissivity glass, also known as Low-E glass, is a coating product composed of multi-layer metal or other compounds on the surface of the glass, which makes the glass have different colors. The primary function is to reduce the U value of glass, selectively reduce Sc, and improve the energy-saving performance of glass. The main features are high infrared reflection, the ability to directly reflect far-infrared thermal radiation, low surface reflectance, weak ability to absorb external energy, so there is little re radiation heat energy; It can be divided into high transmission Low-E glass and shading Low-E glass.

The Low Emissivity Glass 1

The Low Emissivity Glass 1

Although the double-layer Low-E glass occupies a significant share in the whole market and is expected to show faster growth in the future, the demand for three-layer Low-E glass is also increasing. In these regions, the Asia Pacific region has a considerable market share, mainly due to the growing development of regulations and infrastructure. Therefore, it is expected that the Asia Pacific region will grow faster.

Market analysis and Prospect:

The market size of Low-E glass in most countries will reach US $23.33 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach the US $29.37 billion by the end of 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 3.3%.

Scope and market scale of Low-E glass in most countries

Type: single-layer Low-E glass, double layer Low-E glass, three-layer Low-E glass,

Application: residential, commercial

Major enterprises:

Saint Gobain, NSG, PPG, AGC, Guardian Industries, Schott, cardinal glass, padihamglass, CSG holdings, Xinyi Glass, Yaohua Pilkington Glass, Baodao glass, Bluestar glass, Sanxin Glass, Qingdao Jinjing, Qibin group, Huadong coated glass, and Zhongli holdings.

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