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Guardian Glass's new construction project: The Oliphant

The Oliphant is an office building located in the southeast of Amsterdam. Designed by OZ Architects, the Y-shaped exterior makes The Oliphant more recognizable and renovates this closed office space in the 90s into a modern urban building.

The open space design of the Oliphant provides residents with a wide view and a clear spatial layout. The curved curtain wall creates a combination of dynamic and static agricultural production systems for the building. The Oliphant building has a long construction life and excellent sustainability performance. In addition, transparent building curtain walls help reduce energy consumption.

Guardian SunGuard® eXtra Selective SNX 50 solar-coated glass is used for the curtain wall of The Oliphant building. This new generation of three-layer silver-plated glass products improves color uniformity and enhances the internal reflection function. It is a very ideal, neutral, and transparent glass product. This glass product provides an ideal balance between high light transmittance and solar heat gain coefficient.

The new construction project: The Oliphant 1

The new construction project: The Oliphant 1

Country: Netherlands

City: Amsterdam

Product: SunGuard®SNX 50

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