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Guardian Glass to add jumbo laminated glass production line at Ryazan, Russia plant

To assist the growing demand for laminated glass in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States, Guardian Glass is including a new jumbo laminated glass manufacturing line at its Ryazan, Russia plant. 

This funding helps the region’s sturdy boom in the commercial, residential, and indoor sectors and, from inside these sectors, the name for glass merchandise that tackles safety, security, and acoustic performance.

As one of the world’s biggest producers of float, coated, and fabricated glass products, with 26 go with the flow traces around the globe, Guardian is taking a herbal step ahead in its strong, longstanding laminating capability. As a result, Guardian Glass Russia will provide the place an increased product combine consisting of SunGuard® and ClimaGuard® coatings on laminated substrates for a number of applications.

The Guardian Glass jumbo laminated glass production line at Russia1

The Guardian Glass jumbo laminated glass production line at Russia1

Rising world demand for laminated glass is pushed in phase by way of architects and constructing proprietors demanding:

Safety: When laminated glass breaks, it tends to continue to be inside its body due to the fact of the clear PVB interlayers, lessening the risk of injury.

Maximum herbal light: Larger insulating glass units, that mix Guardian high-performance coatings, and laminated glass, deliver expansive views as nicely as protection and protection whilst managing mild transmission and photovoltaic warmness gain.

Noise reduction: Acoustic laminated glass helps to decrease noise to create a greater peaceable ambiance.“This funding illustrates our persisted optimism and pleasure about Guardian Glass’ growth in Russia and the CIS,” says Guus Boekhoudt, Executive Vice President, Guardian Glass. “This task underwrites our Vision to be the desired accomplice to our customers, suppliers, employees, and communities based totally on a basis of mutual benefit.”

“We admire our customers’ help and are completely happy to maintain evolving our relationship through imparting them extra product options,” provides Elena Rassudimova, General Manager, Guardian Glass Russia. “We are very proud of what our crew and our companions are conducting in a difficult environment.”

Laminated glass manufacturing is predicted to start in Q2, 2023. For extra information, go to guardianglass.com.

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