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The scale of the coated glass market is expected to reach 60.11 billion U.S.D in 2028

According to the latest report, the global coated glass market is expected to reach 60.11 billion U.S.D in 2028, and the compound annual growth rate of revenue during the forecast period is 8.5%. The increasing use of coated glass in the automotive industry is one of the key factors driving the significant growth of market revenue. The lightweight and scratch resistance provided by the coated glass is promoting its application in the automotive industry. With the widespread use of high-tech coated glass, automobiles have improved the thermal comfort of the interior, which is expected to promote market revenue growth. Solar control glass improves fuel efficiency and reduces carbon dioxide emissions by reducing the use of 10-15% of air conditioners, helping to reduce the electrical load of air conditioners and saving fuel costs. In addition, the solar-coated windshield absorbs infrared rays to cause heating light, and keeps the vehicle's internal temperature low, thereby improving the comfort of the cabin. Building contractors, architects, and curtain wall managers have significantly increased their preference for Low-E coated glass. This is because Low-E coated glass can reduce the solar heat gain coefficient, provide the best visible light transmittance, and reduce the ultraviolet and fading Keep low temperature and heat preservation effect, and other benefits.

The main participants in the report include 


Asahi Glass



Nippon Sheet Glass

Central Glass

China Glass Holdings

Sisecam Group


Figure 1 The Low-E coated glass 1

Figure 1 The Low-E coated glass 1

In June 2021, Nippon Sheet Glass Group announced the launch of NSG Purity, a glass coated with a unique soy gel technology. In the context of the global covid-19 pandemic, there is growing interest in antiviral materials, which has led to the development of antibacterial and antiviral coated glass. These two products named NSG purity were certified by the Japan International Antibacterial Substance Sustained Growth Association in June 2021. The product has high transparency and durability, which makes it the choice of glass coating for surfaces that people do not touch and mandatory contact. Potential applications of NSG purity include automated teller machines, cash register touch screens, medical equipment, elevators, and electrical appliances used in public places and homes.

The revenue of the soft coating industry will achieve rapid growth during the expected period. With the high visible light transmission and ultra-low emissivity, compared with standard transparent glass provided by the soft coated glass, it obtains the best U value in colder areas and reduces ultraviolet transmission by 70%. It is expected to increase its utilization in the construction industry.

Figure 2 The Low-E coated glass curtain wall building 1

Figure 2 The Low-E coated glass curtain wall building 1

The window industry will grow significantly during the forecast period. Due to the increase in energy bills, people are paying more and more attention to energy-efficient buildings, which promotes the application of coated glass on windows. Low-E windows help reflect heat, thereby improving the thermal performance of the windows by protecting the inside of the structure from harmful ultraviolet rays.

The revenue of the construction sector will increase substantially during the forecast period. Tax incentives for energy-saving upgrades of commercial buildings and the continuous development of green structures are expected to increase the sales of coated glass in the construction industry.

The Asia-Pacific market will achieve a stable compound annual revenue growth rate during the expected period. The rapid urbanization of developing countries has led to an increase in the construction of energy-saving commercial and residential building structures, thereby boosting the sales of coated glass in the region.

In this report, the global coated glass market is segmented according to product types, application areas, end-use industries, and regions.

Divided by product type: Low-E glass, solar control panel, hard coating, soft coating.

Divided by application field: curtain wall, window, partition, and others.

Divided by end-use industries: construction, automotive, sports, and leisure, aerospace and defense, and others.

By region: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Africa.

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