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The 2022 United Nations International Year of Glass Opening Ceremony will be held soon.

On May 18, 2021, at the 66th plenary session of the 75th United Nations General Assembly, initiated and led by the International Glass Association, jointly promoted by the Glass Association Consortium, the International Association of Museums Glass Museum and Collection Committee, the global glass academia and industry. The 2022 International Year of Glass initiative supported by the world has been officially approved, and 2022 will become the United Nations International Year of Glass. Supporting countries will carry out a series of celebration activities around the International Year of Glass, such as the 32nd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition, Egypt's "From Pharaohs to High-Tech Glass" theme activities, the United States "National Glass Day" activities, the 26th International Glass Congress in Berlin, Germany, etc. The closing ceremony of the International Year of Glass will be held in Japan in December 2022.

The establishment of the International Year of Glass will further highlight the technological, economic, cultural, and social significance of glass, promote the sustainable development of the global glass industry, and create a brighter and more beautiful glass world.

From February 10th to 11th, 2022, the 2-day opening event will be held at the Palais des Nations, UN European Headquarters, Geneva, and will be live-streamed online. The event features 30 world-class speakers, highlighting the latest ideas and the latest scientific and technological breakthroughs on how glass can help develop a more just and sustainable society.

Over two days, these international speakers will impart their extensive knowledge of glass. Experts and scholars in various fields will deeply study the past, present, and future development of glass, and point out a better future for mankind.

Video 1 The 2022 United Nations International Year of Glass Opening Ceremony


International Year of Glass Opening Ceremony Schedule

Scheduled Time: February 10-February 11, 2022 at Local time
Moderator host Alicia DuranCSIC Research Professor, ICG Chair, IYOG2022 Chair

Thur, Feb 10- 2022 Thursday February 10, 2022
8:30General Secretary United Nations Antonio Guterres (message)
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres (speech)
Spanish Ambassador at UN Spanish Mission in NY, Agustin Santos Maraver
Augustin Santos Maravill, Ambassador of Spain, United Nations Mission to Spain in New York
Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN Office in Geneva, Ambassador Ahmed lhab Gamaleldin
Mr. Ahmed Salama, Minister Plenipotentiary/Deputy Permanent Representative of Egypt
Science and Technology Counsellor,
Mr. Shen Yanjie, Science and Technology Counselor of the Permanent Mission of China in Geneva
Alicia Duran, chair of the IYOG2022
9:40Coffee break
Glass & Humankind Glass & Humankind Moderator
host Teresa Medici
10:00Ian Freestone, Professor of Archaeological Materials and Technologies, University College London, London, UKIan Freestone, Professor of Archaeological Materials and Technology, University College London
How it all began: The invention and re-invention of glass in the ancient world
10:30Dedo von Kerssen brock-Krosigk, Director of the Glasmuseum Hentrich, Museum Kunstpalast, Dusseldorf, DEDedovon Kersenbroek Klossik, Director of the Henrich Glass Museum at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf,
Germany Glass: A History of Meaning
The historical significance of glass
Glass Living Glass and Living Moderator t holder Alicia Durin
11:00James Carpenter, James Carpenter Design Associates. New York, USA
Light in the Publk Realm
public domain light
11:30Emmanuelle Gouillart, Scientific Director, Saint-Gobain Research, Paris, FRGlass for Sustainable Construction
12:00Lunch break
Glasses In Optics & Photonic Technologies Glass in Optical and Photonic Technologies Moderator John Parker
13:00Kathleen A. Richardson, Professor of Optics. Materials Science and Engineering at CREOL/College of Optics and Photonics at the University of Central FL, USA
Seeing the Future: Enabled by Infrared Glass InnovationInsights and perceptions of the future: Infrared glass innovation empowers
13:30Naoki Sugimoto, General Manager, Materials Integration Laboratories & Technology, AGC, Yokohama, JP.
The role of glass in 5G communication technology
14:00Masashi Onishi, General Manager Optical Fiber and Cable Sumitomo Electric Industries Ltd., Yokohama, JP
Optical fibre technology
Fiber Technology
14:30Lukas Novotny, Professor of Photonics, ETH Zurich, CH
Glass and Quantum
Glass reaching out 1 Glass and me 1 Moderator H holder Reinhard Conradt
14:50Andy McConnell, Journalist specialised in antique & vintage glassware, UK Making glass visible
meet glass
15:20Andrea S.S. de Camargo, Professor of Physics, University of Sao Paulo, BR
Glass Science in Brazil
15:40Courtney Calahoo, Genies Inc. and University of Alberta, Edmonton, CA a Glass: Shaping Lives
16:00Coffee break
Glass & Innovation Glass Innovation Moderator
Moderator Lothar Wondraczek
16:20Frederik Kotz-Helmer, CSO, Glassomer, Freiburg,  
High-resolution 3D printing and injection molding of fused silica glass
16:35Steve Jung, CTO, Mo-Si Corporation, Rolla, MO, USA
Corporation N Future Opportunities for Glass in Healthcare
16:50Leonid Glebov, Director of R&D, Opti Grate, Oviedo, FL, USA
IPG Photonics Inc.
Photo-Therm-Refractive Glasses for Advanced Laser Applications
17:05Samuel Poulain, CEO, Le Verre Fluor. , Bruz, FR  
Fluoride glass technology for 21st century challenges
17:20Falko Langenhorst, Professor of Mineralogy, University of Jena, DE Germany Glass in space
18:00End of day 1
Thur, Feb 10- 2022 Fri, Feb 11, 2022
08:30Mix & Mingle Glasses in SDGs: The case of life science and energy
Moderator A Lothar Wondraczek
09:00Frank Heinricht, CEO, Schott, Mainz, DE
Glass - a promoter of life sciences and pharmaceuticals
09:30Julian Jones Imperial College, London, UK
Bioglass: Glass for regenerative medicine
10:00Peng Shou, Academician Chinese Academy of Engineering;
Board Chairman of China Triumph International Engineering Co., Ltd., Shanghai, China. Director Vice President of China Ceramic Society Development and Trends of Glass Innovation under Global Qimate Change
Development and trend of glass innovation under global climate change
10:30llkay Sdkmen, Director of Glass Technologies, Si^ecam, Istanbul, TK
Glass Creates Value
11:00Coffee break
Towards a sustainable world Moderator Moderator
Moderator: Mathieu Hubert
11:20Florian Kongoli, FLOGEN Technologies, Quebec, CA
The Sustainability Framework and the Role of Technology
11:50Vitaliano Torno, President Business Operations, Owens-Illinois & President, FEVE - the European Federation for Container Glass
The role of sustainable glass packaging in a circular economy
12:20Philippe Bastien, Chairman, Glass for Europe & Regional President, AGC Glass Europe, Belgium
Sustainability in the flat glass industry: a proven track record of turning industry visions into reality
12:50Erik Muijsenberg, Glass Service a.s.
Furnace of the future
13:20Lunch break
Glass reaching out II Glass and Me 1
Moderator +: Holder Reinhard Conradt
14:30Srikanth Sastry, Jawaharlal Nehru Center for Advanced Scientific Research, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India
Recent Advances in Glass Physics and Glass Science in India
15:00Edgar Zanotto, Professor Federal University of Sao Carlos, BR
Global glass education through formal courses and research
15:20Marcia Vilarigues, Professor, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa & Director Research Unit Glass and Ceramic for the Arts, Lisboa, PT
Glass Art and Science Education—An Interdisciplinary Challenge
15:40Corinne Claireaux, CelSian Academy Manager, CelSian, Eindhoven, NL
Empowering the industry through education and collaboration
The age of glass Moderator Moderator: Mathieu Hubert
16:00Jeffrey Evenson, Chairman, Corning Museum of Glass and Chief Strategy Officer, Corning Incorporated
and Back From magic to science...and back
Art glass for ever Art glass Moderator host Teresa Medici
16:30Kimiake Higuchi, artist, JPHiguchi Junaki, Japanese artist
Nature of Pate de verre glass art
Ms. Itoko Fujita Interpreter Translator
Closing Session
Moderator Moderator Alkia Durán Alicia Duran
17:00VITRUM/GIMAV, Dino Zandonella Necca CTIEC, Peng Shou
AGC, Naoki Sugimoto Corning - Jeff Evenson Sisecam -Ahmet Kirman
Reinhard Conradt, President of the ICG
17:30Press Conference

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