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The application of Saint-Gobain SWISSPACER warm edge technology in real life

The Gillies Hall student dormitory of Monash University in Australia was completed in February 2019. It is located on the Peninsula campus of Monash University in Frankston, Melbourne. It has six floors and a total construction area of 6,500 square meters. It is constructed of CLT (orthogonal glulam) panels. Cheng is currently the largest passive building certified in Australia and even the southern hemisphere.

The outer envelope of the building is equipped with more than 1000m²  of energy-saving glass, all provided by Saint-Gobain Glass Solutions. To effectively eliminate the cold bridge around the edge of the insulating glass, the project adopted the PHI-certified SWISSPACER ULTIMATE warm edge technology solution.

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE warm edge spacer has a high airtight foil layer, which can simultaneously prevent the leakage of argon in the hollow glass cavity and the infiltration of external water vapor, effectively prolonging the service life of the insulating glass outer window, thereby ensuring the energy saving of the building for a longer time Thermal insulation properties.

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE warm edge spacer 1

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE warm edge spacer 2

The SWISSPACER ULTIMATE warm edge spacer 2

Through the construction of the Gillies Hall student dormitory project, the architects are achieving the established goal of the university, which is to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2030. It is certified that the heating demand of the building is 5kWh/m² a; compared with similar buildings usually built in Australia, its heating demand is reduced by about 70% to 80%. According to the information provided by the Grün Consulting engineer commissioned by the Passivhaus certification body, the primary energy demand of the Gillies Hall student dormitory is 131kW h/m² a, and the air replacement rate is n50 is 0.5.
In addition, the solar panels installed on the roof and the clean electricity provided by the nearby Murra Warra wind farm also provided support for the project to achieve passive building standards. In addition, the Gillies Hall dormitory is also equipped with a rainwater recycling system, which can share the water demand of the campus to a certain extent. Gillies Hall has a total of 150 single apartments, two serviced apartments, and public areas that can provide approximately 250 students living on campus. The warm light colors of the glulam walls and ceiling fully reflect the internal atmosphere of the building, making Gillies Hall a comfortable residence. The sturdy wooden structure stands on a concrete base and was built in only 11 weeks. Externally, the five upper floors have cladding made of orange-red vertical metal slats. These slats are installed at a 90-degree angle in front of the windows, casting a clever shadow on the building envelope.

Saint-Gobain SWISSPACER warm edge technology 1

Saint-Gobain SWISSPACER warm edge technology 1

Max Gillies, the name of the dormitory, studied at Monash University in the 1960s. At the inauguration ceremony in August, the famous Australian actor and filmmaker aptly described the building named after him as a "guide to the future." Professor Margaret Gardner AO, President of Monash University, praised the building designed by JCBA as "the peninsula campus". The Gillies Hall dormitory is the first building constructed by the school based on the prerequisite of the Zero Emissions Initiative.

The building has also won many energy-saving awards, including the 2019 Construction21 "Green Solutions Award" climate category, the Prime Minister's Sustainability Award first prize, and the Australian Timber Design Award Sustainability Award, which was also awarded in 2019.

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