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Peng Shou delivered the keynote report and closing speech at the opening meeting of the United Nations International Year of Glass.

The opening session of the 2022 United Nations International Year of Glass at the Palais des Nations, the European headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, has concluded. At the opening ceremony, Alicia Duran, chairman of the International Year of Glass, confirmed the following major events to the participants and practitioners in the glass processing industry:

Figure 1 The Alicia Duran, chairman of the International Year of Glass 1

Figure 1 The Alicia Duran, chairman of the International Year of Glass 1

Big event

  1. UN International Year of Glass Opening Ceremony Geneva 9-11 February 2022
  2. China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition. High-tech Industry Conference Glass Week Activities, Other Glass Knowledge Academic Conference, Shanghai, China April 11-15, 2022
  3. International Glass Congress Berlin, Germany, July 3-8, 2022 (100th anniversary of the German Glass Association)
  4. International Glass Art Exhibition/Museum Exhibition Europe and America
  5. Closing Ceremony Japan December 8-9, 2022

Peng Shou, Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the International Glass Association, Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Chief Engineer of China National Building Materials Group, and Chairman of Triumph Technology Group, attended the opening meeting as the only representative of the Chinese glass industry and delivered a video titled "Glass under the Background of Global Climate Change" Innovation Development and Trends" keynote report. He pointed out:

As a developing country, despite facing the dual pressures of economic development and environmental and ecological governance, China still insists on peaking carbon and carbon neutrality as the country's primary strategy, and proposes to build a "1+N" policy system to design and reduce carbon from the top. In terms of paths, safeguard measures, supporting programs, etc., China has made efforts to achieve the "dual carbon" goal and made China's contribution to addressing climate change.

Video 1 The keynote report"Development and Trends of Glass Innovation under Global Climate Change" from Peng Shou

Peng Shou emphasized:

2022 is the United Nations International Year of Glass, which fully affirms the important position of glass in the transformation of the low-carbon economy, and will create a platform for global glass innovation and low-carbon exchange. China's glass industry will aim at "clean, carbon-free, intelligent and efficient", clarify the low-carbon development path of "core technology + key technology + supporting technology", and focus on "zero-carbon energy reconstruction and zero-carbon process reengineering", the construction of negative carbon system" three aspects of work, comprehensively help the glass industry to promote energy transformation and promote low-carbon reform. He proposed that the global glass industry should step into the glass age and move towards a bright future together, and take the opportunity of the International Year of Glass to jointly build a global glass green community with a shared future, be led by technological innovation, and gather momentum for glass development; supported by green funds, jointly build glass harmony Ecology; take open communication as a link to jointly shape a bright future for glass.

Video 2 The closing speech of Prof. Peng Shou

At the closing ceremony of the conference, Peng Shou delivered a speech on behalf of the Chinese glass industry. 

He stated:

The establishment of the United Nations International Year of Glass marks that the world has officially entered the era of glass, and calls on glass colleagues around the world to build the glass dream together, create an "open and shared" future together, and jointly create a better glass world; A global innovation community, to promote technological revolution and industrial transformation; to embrace the future of "win-win cooperation" together, and to create new and greater miracles in the history of world glass together.

The opening of the International Year of Glass coincides with the 24th Winter Olympic Games being held in China. China's glass industry continues to develop towards high-end, green, and digital development, which is an important manifestation of following and leading the world. It will further highlight the technological, economic, cultural, and social significance of glass and promote the sustainable development of the global glass industry. , to create a more splendid and beautiful glass world.

Figure 2 Show your interest to get the International Year of Glass 2022

Figure 2 Show your interest to get the International Year of Glass 2022

Glass is not only a necessity of human life but also an important material to promote industrial development and social progress. Especially in the 21st century, with the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous extension of glass applications, in communication (optical fiber), energy (photovoltaic), life In fields such as science (medicinal glass), glass plays an increasingly important role. Since the founding of the People's Republic of China, especially since the reform and opening-up, China's glass industry has grown from small to large, and from weak to strong. Through continuous advancement of technological innovation and structural adjustment, not only does the output occupy an important share in the world, but the technology and equipment have also reached the world's advanced level. 0.12 mm ultra-thin electronic touch glass, 30-micron flexible foldable glass, China's first 8.5-generation float TFT-LCD glass substrate, neutral borosilicate medicinal glass, etc. The innovative achievements have promoted the continuous development of China's glass industry in high-end, green, and digital aspects, and achieved a leap to follow and lead in the world.

Figure 3 The 2022 International Year of Glass

Figure 3 The 2022 International Year of Glass

The 2022 International Year of Glass will be organized with the theme of "Celebrating the past, present, and future of glass for a sustainable, fair, and better tomorrow!", during which there will be technology summits, seminars, industry exhibitions, glass summer camps, and glass artworks Various events covering the world, including exhibitions, focus on promoting the technological and cultural achievements formed by the material characteristics and ultimate functions of glass. China will take the 32nd China International Glass Industry Technology Exhibition as an important event, and simultaneously carry out summit forums on new glass materials, technical lectures, and glass science.

Ambassadors and diplomats from Spain, Turkey, Egypt, Slovakia, Hungary, and other countries, representatives of international organizations, experts, and scholars from glass academia, education, scientific research, art, and industry attended the opening meeting.

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