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Milan Tour from Italian Glass Week.

The first experience of Italian Glass Week will be held on May 25 in the most representative places in Milan, which will lay the foundation for the glass supply chain during Milan Glass Week from September 10 to 18.

1. Historic event venue

The tour begins on the 39th floor of Palazzo Lombardy, which in itself is a potential example of glazing applied to architecture - further evidenced by the views of the skyline it overlooks.

The Lombardy Regional Commissioner for Environment and Climate indicated the importance of Italian Glass Week, saying in his welcome speech: "Our region's glass production chain guarantees its operation in Lombardy. The potential of glass is great, it is a clean and highly recyclable material, which fully complies with Lombardy’s high recycling standards. Even glass vials containing vaccines against the coronavirus are recyclable,” further underscoring that the event is a showcase for supply chains Opportunity to build enormous capacity for innovative solutions.

Stefano Bruno Galli, MP for Autonomy and Cultural Affairs of the Lombardy Region, and Raffaele Cattaneo, MP, underlined the cultural dimension of the event, and welcomed the delegation, "I am delighted that Palazzo Lombardia can serve as a place to tell the story of the remarkable quality of glass, chosen here to host this An event that combines the working culture of Lombardy with the artistic creativity of Venice to inspire its cultural appeal.”

Figure 1 The italian glass week 1

Figure 1 The italian glass week 1

2. Celebrating a history of commercial and artistic excellence

The tour continues to Castello Sforzesco, home to a permanent collection of artists who choose glass as a medium for communicating their emotions. The venue regularly hosts the "MilanoVetro-35" exhibition for young people, which will last until June 19th.

Figure 2 The

Figure 2 The "MilanoVetro-35" exhibition 1

Palazzo Giureconsulti, the main center of Milan's commerce since 1654, is just a few steps from the Duomo and is an unforgettable last stop of the afternoon. Following a tour of the hall, organizers were able to brief participants on two upcoming events celebrating the International Year of Glass in Milan and Venice.

Italian Glass Week will raise public awareness of the advantages of glass, the transparent substance that is so ubiquitous in our daily lives but easily overlooked - which is why we sometimes miss its sustainability, flexibility, and indefinite availability. 

Figure 3 The italian glass week 2

Figure 3 The italian glass week 2

The event could also further enhance the positioning of the Italian glass supply chain on an international level - a concept also expressed by Agenzia, Director of Industrial Technology, Energy and Environment, who said, "We particularly support Italian Glass Week because of its communication capabilities, which will allow the public to Understand the glass supply chain, beyond what we already know, and working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to support industry-specific trade shows, exemplified by glass processing machinery."

"I think finished products - whether artistic or industrial - can be of interest to young people and at the same time bring them closer to the world of industry and machinery - and perhaps offer a new professional avenue to explore glass. "

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