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Italian Glass Industry performance in 2020 and the forecast of 2021

In 2020, glass deep-processing technology will perform well, especially insulating glass will perform well. People have high expectations for 2021. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has rewritten the script, and it is impossible to have a reliable prediction at this time.

Industry performance in 2020

The good performance of the industry in 2020 (+2.7%) is driven by the growth of exports (+3.7%), which enables the Italian glass deep-processing technology industry to continue its growth trend, which has been in a dominant position for the past ten years.

Domestic sales of Italian manufacturers are stable (+0.1%). Despite weak demand (-0.4%), Italian products are still better than imports. The increase in exports and the decrease in imports are conducive to the trade balance of the sector (+5.4%). The trade volume is 1.275 billion US dollars, accounting for nearly 55% of sales. Michele Gusti, who was re-elected as chairman of GIMAV, said: “This means that for every euro invested in the industry, we have contributed 55 points. “Those who determine our country’s economic and industrial policies, if they can give more rewards, Reward these outstanding performances! "

The competitiveness index of the glass industry is very optimistic, regardless of the rising situation-exports accounted for 72.2% of sales, the domestic market accounted for 61.3% of the main position-have created sufficient profits, making Italy perform very well. Sales are also on the rise. The average sales per employee are nearly 300,000 euros (an increase of 2.5% over 2019). These figures are unevenly distributed among the following three areas.

The flat glass deep-processing technology sector dropped by 1.3% compared with 2019, due to the small export loss (down 0.5%) and the very large domestic sales loss (down 3.2%). However, imports (down 4.4%) were more affected by the slowdown in domestic sales (down 3.3%).

In 2020, the deep processing technology sector of insulating glass increased by nearly 30% compared to 2019, which benefited from the excellent performance of foreign (31.8%) and domestic (17.2%) markets. It also proves the energy of the domestic market (+9.9%). Imports will also increase in 2021, but to a much smaller extent (+6.4%).

The accessories and other technical sectors remained stable, offsetting the negative performance of the entire market (-0.9%), and the domestic market showed a considerable upward trend (+2%), attracting demand from the entire market, as indicated by a 2.5% decline in imports That way, Italian manufacturers are much better than their foreign competitors.

Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories Manufacturers 1

Italian Association of Glass Processing Machinery and Accessories Manufacturers 1

2021 forecast

By convention, the GIMAV member meeting includes reviewing the forecast for the current year and discussing the results of the qualitative economic survey in 2021, in the form of a total percentage.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, member companies all predicted very positive industry results. Among the companies interviewed (Italy and all), a total of 86.4% of companies predicted growth in 2021, and 13.6% of companies predicted no. There will be no slowing down.

In detail, 91.3% of the respondents predict that growth will increase when they only consider foreign markets (the remaining 8.7% are predicted to remain stable); while facing the domestic market forecast, only 76.2% of the respondents believe that growth will occur. 19% of respondents believe that it will remain stable, and the remaining 4.8% believe that growth will decrease.

The impact of this high-level illness has greatly changed the prospects of the industry. So far, no one can make any reliable predictions about the performance of the industry in 2021, especially when considering that the epidemic may develop further.

To have a clearer understanding in this regard, the report has supplemented the findings of the investigation and the situation during the pandemic. In 2021, the months of March, April, and May contributed more than 26% to the full-year performance, 43% of the companies were closed, and 65% of the companies had to stop production altogether. In addition, 71% of companies have to adopt unemployment compensation plans for at least 70% of their workforce.

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