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India makes the first anti-dumping sunset review final ruling on China's tempered glass.

India makes the first anti-dumping sunset review final ruling on China's tempered glass: it is recommended to continue to levy 2-year anti-dumping duties on the products involved.

On May 13, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India issued an announcement to make the first anti-dumping sunset review final ruling on coated and uncoated textured tempered glass originating in or imported from China, suggesting that China's products involved in the case should continue to be levied for a period of 2 The annual anti-dumping duty is 192.82 US dollars / metric ton ~ 302.65 US dollars / metric ton. The products involved are tempered glass with a thickness of less than or equal to 4.2 mm (including tolerance of 0.2 mm), a transmittance of more than 90.5%, whether coated or not, and the size of at least one side is greater than 1500 mm. This case involves products under the Indian customs code 70071900.The tax details are as follows:

Final Result of India's Anti-dumping Sunset Review on China's Tempered Glass

Serial number
Origin country
Exporting country
Exporter Name
Anti-dumping duties (USD/metric ton)
1ChinaAny country including China
Flat Glass Group Co,.Ltd.192.82
2Ahhui Flat Solar Glass Co,.Ltd.192.82
3Zhejiang Jiafu Glass Co,.Ltd.192.82
4Shanxi Topray Solar Co,.Ltd.253.39
5Wujiang CSG Glass Co,.Ltd.226.37
6Dongguan CSG Solar Glass Co,.Ltd.226.37
7Any producer/exporter other than serial numbers 1-6
8Any country except China
ChinaAny manufacturer/exporter

The data comes from the official website of the General Directorate of Trade Remedy, Ministry of Commerce and Industry of India.

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