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In 2026, the global quartz powder market will reach 684 million U.S. dollars.

The reportlinker released a report on the "World Quartz Powder Market in 2026—Types, Uses, and Regional Forecasts". In terms of value and volume, the market size of the quartz industry is expected to reach US$684 million from 2021 to 2026, and it has maintained a high compound annual growth rate.

The main reasons for the rapid development of the quartz powder industry are the vigorous development of the construction industry, the rise of renovation and transformation activities, and rapid urbanization and globalization. The market demand for quartz powder has increased, especially glass fiber, glass, and clay.

Quartz is widely used in coatings, cosmetics, glass fiber, silicone rubber, ceramics, and oil well-cementing cement. The high hardness, high density, and high chemical resistance of quartz powder contribute to its development during the forecast period.

The details of quartz powder

The details of quartz powder

It is expected that from 2021 to 2026, glass fiber will become the fastest-growing period of quartz powder. High strength and low weight properties make glass fiber more suitable for composite materials and insulation applications in the construction, automotive, and wind energy industries. The growth in this area can be attributed to contractor's and builders' strong interest in using quartz powder to produce construction activities (as construction and insulation materials), especially in emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region and South America. With the rapid economic development of the areas, as mentioned earlier, the government's measures for infrastructure development have brought about the expansion of the construction industry. It is expected that emerging economies in the Asia-Pacific region will have a huge demand for quartz powder.

Population growth and rapid urbanization are key factors driving the expansion of the quartz powder industry in this region. The growing glass fiber, cosmetics, foundry, construction, glass, and clay sectors in several countries in the Asia-Pacific region have boosted the demand for quartz powder.

The report also lists the major manufacturers in the world quartz powder market:

U.S. Silica Holdings, Inc. (United States),

Sibelco Group (Belgium),

Adwan Chemical Industries Company (Saudi Arabia),

Sil Industrial Minerals (Canada),

AGSCO Corporation (United States).

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