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Energy-saving windows you need to know

As consumers become more energy-conscious and want to reduce costs, they are more concerned about living in energy-efficient houses. If manufactured properly, windows play an important role in improving home energy efficiency.

See what to consider when manufacturing windows to ensure energy efficiency.

Window frame

The window frame is made of several different materials, which provide different levels of energy efficiency:

Wood: The wooden frame is well insulated, but it will expand and contract under different weather conditions. Additional care and maintenance may be required to help these frameworks maintain energy efficiency.

Aluminum: The aluminum frame itself does not provide sufficient insulation. However, placing insulating plastic strips between the inside and outside of the frame helps to improve energy efficiency.

Fiberglass: The fiberglass frame is very stable and can be filled with insulating materials to increase energy-saving functions.

Vinyl: Like fiberglass, the vinyl frame can also be filled with insulating materials to improve its thermal performance.

Composite material: The composite frame is composed of particle board, which has better thermal performance than a wood frame and enhanced moisture and corrosion resistance.

In addition, it is important to remember that some may require glass to achieve the efficiencies required for a particular climate.

The energy-saving windows 1

The energy-saving windows 1

Energy-saving window

Window type

Due to the amount of air leakage, the window type also plays an important role in energy efficiency. Some types include:

Awning: The window of the awning opens outwards and is hinged at the top. This manufacturing design helps improve their energy efficiency.

Casement windows: Like sunshade windows, the sashes on casement windows are closed by pressing on the frame to reduce air leakage.

Single and double hanging: These windows are opened by sliding vertically upwards or downwards, which affects energy efficiency and increases the possibility of air leakage.

Window installation

Even if a window can be made to be energy efficient, it must still be installed correctly to achieve the required performance. The installation method differs depending on the type of window frame and window, and the structure of the house.However, all installation methods require the windows to be properly sealed to function properly and improve energy efficiency.

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