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The height of the human building-828 meters has been locked by Burj Khalifa in Dubai for many years. The second tallest building in the world, the "Shanghai Tower" in the capital of China, has always been a very solid 632 meters. But recently, Jinan LIJIANG Glass learned that, 644 meters! The PNB118 building in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia is moving towards the world's second tallest building (the previous 635 meters, is the antenna added?), the front glass curtain wall has been completed, the latest picture shows that more than 100 meter-high tower crown mast is almost complete! Note: the height is not enough, the antenna comes together...

644m glass curtain wall of PNB118 Building in Kuala Lumpur is completed 1

If someone ask you: What are the most developed cities in Southeast Asia, you might first think of Singapore. In terms of economic development, it is the first city in Southeast Asia, but the project I will introduce today is from Kuala Lumpur, the capital of Malaysia, with total GDP. It accounts for more than half of Malaysia, so it is also the second-largest city in Southeast Asia. 

644m glass curtain wall of PNB118 Building in Kuala Lumpur is completed 2

With this economic foundation, the world's tallest building was born here in 1998, and it is currently the world's tallest twin towers-the 452-meter Petroleum Twin Towers, and it is a landmark building in Malaysia and even Southeast Asia.

644m glass curtain wall of PNB118 Building in Kuala Lumpur is completed 3

In recent years, cities in some developing countries have developed rapidly, and the boom in skyscraper construction has shifted to some developing countries. However, in Southeast Asia, the pace here has not stopped. Kuala Lumpur has successively built 106 trading towers with a height of 445.5 meters and the ones that will be introduced in this article. 644 meters high Merdeka PNB118 building.

The top three tallest buildings in the future

The top three tallest buildings in the future

The PNB118 building in Kuala Lumpur has a total of 118 floors. Construction began in 2014, the bottom plate was poured in 2017, and the core tube was completed in 2018 (the entry "core tube" is provided by the industry encyclopedia). The construction phase of the main structure. The building was designed by Fender Katsalidis Architects in Melbourne, Australia, and constructed by Samsung Group in South Korea.

The overall shape of the building is designed with diamond-shaped glass facets to symbolize the diversity of Malaysians. Total height: 644 meters; structural height: 500 meters; floors: 118 floors; aluminum profiles are selected from China·Jianmei; and the building's curtain wall glass is also from China·CSG.

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