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2022-2030 Global Insulated Glass Window Market Growth Analysis

Insulated glass windows reduce heat transfer on part of a building's façade by combining many pieces of glass into a single unit. Multiple layers of glazing and gas add a barrier to the transfer of heat and cold, reducing the need for artificial air conditioning by regulating room temperature and preventing air from escaping through the windows.

According to a recent report on insulated glass windows released by Allied Market Research, the global insulated glass window market size in 2020 was US$11.1057 billion and is expected to reach US$21.1606 billion by 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% from 2021 to 2030.

The main companies involved in the global insulated glass in the report are AGC Inc., Central Glass Co., Ltd., Glaston Corporation, Saint-Gobain SA, Internorm International GmbH, Sika Industry, Nippon Sheet Glass Co.Ltd., Viracon, H.B.Fuller, and Scheuten. The major insulated glass manufacturers are concentrated in the European and North American markets due to the high ratio insulated glass of in this region.

The United States is a major insulated glass manufacturing center for companies such as Andersen Corporation, Jeld-Wen Holding Inc., Marvin, Masco Corporation, and PGT Innovation, Inc.

Figure 1 The insulated glass window global market

Figure 1 The insulated glass window global market

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