The correct operation steps of the glass cutting machine

When we use a automatic glass cutting machine, we must check the glass to be cut in advance. As for the appearance of the glass, we cannot have the appearance of white spots and scratches. Only after the most basic conditions are qualified can mass production be carried out. When measuring, the front row should be the measurement object, and a full inspection should be done if necessary. When lifting the glass, make sure that the glass itself has no cracks, to prevent the glass from cracking automatically during the lifting process. Let's take a look at the correct operation steps of the glass cutting machine.

  1. Before using the glass cutting machine, you should wear gloves, protective glasses, and other labor protection products in strict accordance with the requirements.
  2. We need to adjust the vertical and horizontal knife to a regular ratio to turn on the power switch.
  3. Lift the glass to be cut onto the cutting table, and then press the below button to make the glass float on the table and move freely.
  4. After the glass is positioned, press the stop button, and then press the suction device to firmly fix the glass at the designated position to achieve the effect of positioning.
  5. After the cutting is completed, press the stop button, and then press the blowing switch. When the cut glass is finished, it will be transferred to the turning table.
  6. Separate small pieces according to the knife marks, and put the rest in the designated position.
  7. Finally clean the cutting table and glass shards with a rag.