The Business License

A business license is a certificate issued by the Chinese administration for industry and commerce to industrial and commercial enterprises and self-employed persons to allow them to engage in certain production and business activities. The registration items include the name of the enterprise, address, person in charge, amount of capital, economic components, business scope, business method, number of employees, and business term. This business license can prove that Jinan LIJIANG Glass is a legal and compliant enterprise engaged in production and operation.

The IS09000 Quality System Certification

The IS09000 quality system certification is an authoritative organization recognized by the state, and the audit requirements for the enterprise's quality system are very strict. Enterprises can carry out quality management in accordance with the strictly audited international standardized quality system to ensure the qualified rate of product quality and increase economic and social benefits for the enterprise. Jinan LIJIANG Glass implements IS09000 international standard quality management, which can stably improve the quality of automatic processing equipment for insulating glass.