David:The CEO of a certain company, come from American

In September 2018, our original insulating glass production equipment supplier could not normally provide us with quality and delivery guarantees. I first thought of LIJIANG Glass. LIJIANG Glass's sale team confirmed the equipment purchase with me in the shortest possible time. We checked the pictures and videos of the insulating glass production line machine in the email, and conducted evaluations, we found that the equipment in LIJIANG Glass is indeed very good. Besides, the subsequent communication of order production and payment methods is also relatively smooth. Until now, in addition to maintaining stable business contacts, we have also maintained a good personal friendship. I hope that LIJIANG Glass’s partners can often visit our company and give guidance.

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Bob:The purchasing manager from a certain company, come from Middle-East

LIJIANG Glass is different. The emails from their staff always give me a deeper understanding of the insulating glass production line machine and glass deep processing industry. In addition, I am very satisfied with their work attitude. Every time I cooperate with them, I am very satisfied. Not only in providing the quotation, but also in the various details of the cooperation processing, it could provide me with convenience and let me have more energy to deal with other things, so they have always been my most worry-free supplier. Although his price is not the lowest among all suppliers, thanks to their efficient customer service awareness and his equipment, I can rest assured that I will still establish a win-win and shared business partnership with this company.

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Kevin:The worker from the glass deep-processing industry

LIJIANG Glass already becomes one of my favorite knowledge exporters in the glass deep-processing industry. I chose them become my supplier, LIJIANG Glass, because I simply could not find any other provider that offered all series type of automatic insulating glass production equipment under one manufacturer platform. Those glass processing equipment is amazing because it takes you by the hand and teaches you how to produce a piece of insulating glass with automatic equipment, step by step. I love that the after-sales supporting from Mr.Suraj on Indian marketing. Until now, those glass deep-processing equipment from LIJIANG Glass is good performance so it's easy to get inspired to, implement the techniques, and achieve our own wanted persuasive sales data.

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Anonymous:The anonymous agency from Bulgaria

Dear Sirs, We would like to express our GRATITUDE to your company LIJIANG Automation Equipment Co,.Ltd. and particularly to Mrs. Hermione He for the excellent work in relation to the purchasing of two insulating glass production lines, vertical glass washing machine and auxiliary machine in the past year 2020. We would like to express our deep GRATITUDE to Mr GUO QIANRONG as well for the installation of these machines. He was in Bulgaria from December to April and did a great job for machinery service. We hope that the machines will be operating smoothly and without any problems for a long time ahead. We also hope that we will continue in the future our great cooperation with your company in the field of offering, selling, maintenance and repair of your glass processing machines in Bulgaria and the region.

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