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1. Blogging can help you build a writing habit

Writing needs to mobilize creative wisdom. To be a good scholar, some people advocate writing every day. Regular blogging can be part of this habit. A blog post can be completed by one person sitting in any space, because it is small, independent, and can be drafted in a relatively short time. You can finish writing and publish an article in a few days. Establishing and maintaining this publish-feedback cycle gives bloggers a good motivation to develop a regular writing habit.

2. Blogs let you try to speak with words

Generally, blog writing is not as formal as other publications. It is entirely possible to try different perspectives, syntax, vocabulary, and genres. These text experiments can help you develop your unique style of writing to express your opinions. Recently, I have found that I have become more and more used to blogging in a relaxed writing style: shorter sentences, more metaphors, fewer adjectives, and I tend to express my opinions in a simple way.

3. Blogging allows you to reach your academic goals

Blogs are usually short articles, not too long. You have to learn to speak your thoughts in 2000 words or make it possible to talk to each other between multiple viewpoints. A blog post is an ideal place to talk about one thing. Journal articles often require you to talk to other authors. If your article contains too many ideas and is too complicated, it will be rejected by the journal. Therefore, in daily blogs, learning to master good writing habits and writing regularly can support you in completing other forms of writing.

4. Blogs help you find your readers

When you start a blog, you must consider who might be interested in it. You must concentrate on attracting them to read your post. In the virtual world, boring posts are more likely to be left out than boring people. You don't want this, so you have to figure out what your readers are expecting. The blog itself is an interactive platform. The behind-the-scenes data helps you understand which posts are more popular, who read them, and how many people reposted them. This helps you understand readers better. This advantage is not available in academic publications. Information on how many people clicked and started reading articles on all blogging platforms.

5. Blogging forces you to be more concise

Most blogs are relatively short, and readers don’t want to listen to your tirades. From the statistics of the many posts I have written, personal blogs are not a place to show off their erudition. Even if you find an example to be very attractive, if the introduction of this example weakens the connection between the paragraphs of the article, or lets Readers are getting impatient, so it's better to delete it. To help readers get into the state quickly, blog posts can be organized by listing main points or short paragraphs, like this article lists 1 to 7. Simplicity is a virtue in modern society. Learning how to make short speeches will make you more popular in almost all social activities and academic venues.

6. A blog allows you to try a variety of writing styles

A blog can have many kinds of posts. Some people always like to use a specific format, while others are eclectic. Blogs are purely personal creations, so there are no rules. You can do whatever you want, and of course, take care of your readers. Your blog may be a short episode, a narrative, a travel photo album, or a short and interesting literature review. You can also write letters or satirical comments, use images, videos, and conversation recordings to express your views and explain what you have done. I recently started experimenting with editing short travel videos. Maybe I just started using iMovie. Anyway, I think it’s fun.

7. Blogs help you build self-confidence

If you have not started writing regularly, you may have many concerns about the writing itself. Writing is a skill that requires practice just like acquiring other skills. No one is a master blogger from the beginning. As you become more and more accustomed to publishing texts on time, you will realize the possibilities that your existence brings to the world. Although you are not a real writer yet, you have clearly understood that writing is the core of the daily work of technical workers, and you can actively participate in discussions in the (non-)academic circle with less serious writing.

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Cold-end equipment of large-tonnage ultra-clear float glass production line.

  •  09.03.2023 02:01 PM

In the ultra-clear float glass production line, the cold-end equipment is a very important production link, which means that the glass is produced from the annealing kiln and enters the cold-end equipment for inspection, cutting, edge removal, and other processes, and is further processed into glass products. After passing the inspection, it arrives at the picking area for packing. The scale of large-tonnage ultra-clear float glass production lines is generally above 1,000 tons per day.

6 min read

The precautions and maintenance of automatic glass edge grinding machine.

  •  27.02.2023 10:11 AM

The automatic glass edging machine, which is also called the glass edge polishing machine and glass edge grinding machine, is the indispensable equipment in the glass deep processing. To improve the quality of glass production and prolong the service life of the machine, it is particularly important to use the equipment correctly and maintain the machine.

5 min read


  •  16.01.2023 11:24 AM

13 min read


  •  14.01.2023 09:23 AM

7 min read

Several issues in the glass washing process in the production of insulating glass.

  •  14.01.2023 09:00 AM

The quality of insulating glass mainly depends on the quality of raw materials and the quality control of each link in the automatic machinery process. LIJIANG Glass only discusses several issues worth noting in the process of glass washing and drying in the deep processing of insulated glass.

4 min read

Discussion on the team management of insulated glass enterprise: The production line team leader system.

  •  09.01.2023 10:17 AM

Taking the production team as an example, as the basic organization and management department of the insulated glass deep processing production company, the team system has also been constantly updating and developing new team management methods. With the increase of the attention of team management, glass deep processing companies will focus on the improvement of research team management experience, which has become one of the most popular topics at the moment.

8 min read

The Problems and Countermeasures in Cost Accounting of Glass Deep Processing Enterprises

  •  04.01.2023 01:18 PM

Whether the cost accounting method is reasonable and whether the cost accounting is correct or not directly affects the control work of the enterprise such as cost forecasting, cost planning, cost analysis, various assessments, and improvements, and also affects the correctness of the enterprise's sales decisions and business decisions. Tremendous influence. For example, cost accounting directly affects product sales quotations, and determines the type and quantity of products to be produced, and whether to stop producing a certain product.

9 min read

Things to understand earlier than investing in IG manufacturing equipment

  •  30.07.2021 06:35 PM

Are you thinking about including insulating glass merchandise to your manufacturing mix? Or are you questioning of reconfiguring your present day tools to supply new and higher offerings to your customers? Growth and growth are natural and necessary for all businesses. But how do you do it in the proper way to faucet into the insulating glass manufacturing niche?

3 min read

 In today's fast-paced world, most people will not choose to read your blog if it cannot bring benefits to readers or help improve some aspects of them. This may sound a bit heavy, but don't be too nervous. Because this benefit that people want is not necessarily a breakthrough, it can be something that has appeared before. It can be as simple as explaining how to sew a button or change a tire. So no matter what value your article creates, as long as you bring convenience to visitors, they will be willing to read your blog, and will also forward and share to benefit others. Publish more blogs that can provide value. 

William Jones
William JonesA practitioner in glass deep-processing industryBlogs on Glass Deep-processing

 Generally speaking, the blogger has absolute power over his blog. You decide what to write and how to layout the content of the blog, but don't try to abuse this power. It is better to output some experience and experience in your industry. For those that you do not confirm 100%, either do not write them or make a systematic survey in advance. In the eyes of readers, it is best to strive to be good at yourself and keep true. LIJIANG Glass insists on seeking truth from facts, adhering to self, and being true to blogs and readers, and is known for sincerity and frankness is conducive to promoting the brand of LIJIANG Glass. 

Michael Kross
Michael KrossA Used LIJIANG Glass Automatic Equipment's WorkerBlogs on Glass Deep-processing

 I'm glad that as a user of LIJIANG Glass automatic insulated glass equipment, we have followed lots of link words above their website, like "how to start a insulated glass processing business as a beginner", which provides convenience for visitors. We can easily read the blogs related to glass deep processing on their website. In addition, when readers click the blog link set by LIJIANG Glass, LIJIANG Glass can always ensure that it can be opened in another tab, which is too friendly for readers. We like LIJIANG Glass to export their views and experience in the glass processing industry with this blogging. 

Eric Warmouth
Eric WarmouthA workshop director engaged in glass deep processingBlogs on Glass Deep-processing

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