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intelligent raw glass storage system

Basic Working Principle

LIJIANG Glass intelligent raw glass storage system is an intensive, diversified, and automated intelligent management system for the raw storage of glass deep processing plants.

Real-time exchange of inventory can be carried out with an ERP data connection, and the glass rack can be automatically retrieved according to the optimization result, and the glass rack can be sent to the loading station. It has independent inventory management and material replenishment functions. During the work, it will be scheduled according to the order situation and the actual working status on site, and the command will be issued to control the car to execute automatically.

Features & Advantages

1. Improve the optimization rate: the use of raw film storage equipment can make the glass in the original film library participate in the optimization at the same time, and the optimization rate of glass cutting can be increased by more than 3%;

2. The system is stable and the positioning is accurate: the walking of the glass base frame adopts the full-closed-loop control system of servo and laser ranging, Siemens control system, and high-efficiency and stable PN communication to ensure an accurate information, no need to return to zero after interrupting the operation, and the walking position accuracy can reach ±1mm;

3. Modular glass base frame: realize quick installation, reduce the impact of ground subsidence, ensure long-term stable operation, and facilitate equipment maintenance. The glass base frame in the storage area adopts a mechanical locking mechanism to prevent safety accidents caused by the movement of the glass base frame.

Detailed Working Steps

Technical Parameter

Shuttle car travel speed
Traction speed
Working period
Average rack change time ≤45s/time
Single glass base frame load bearing
Height of glass base frame layer
Maximum Glass Size
Size and specification of large glass shelf
Size and specification of small glass shelf

Technical Description