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Intelligent Multi-layer & Ladder Horizontal Glass Film Sorting System

Basic Working Principle

LIJIANG Glass intelligent multi-layer & ladder horizontal film sorting system is used for glass storage and sorting before edging and tempering. When it is used before edging, the cut glass is sorted and stored according to the size of the edging direction. A single layer can store multiple pieces and supports the function of cross-through and straight-through, and the cut glass is scattered into a whole. When it is used before tempering, as a storage system for the glass to be tempered, it can greatly increase the loading rate of the tempering furnace with the filming table.

Features & Advantages

1. The lifting and lowering transmission of the aerial ladder is stable and reliable, ensuring lifting accuracy and eliminating the risk of the lifting frame falling
2. The unpacking bin adopts a modular design, with 10 layers as the standard module, which can be combined to increase the capacity of the unpacking bin.
3. Program intelligent control to determine the film output sequence
4. Intelligent layer-seeking, fast access, fast and accurate rising and falling movements
5. Software and hardware are independently researched and developed by AMO, which are highly integrated and perfectly integrated to achieve real-time upgrades
6. It can combine the current cutting or breaking of the layout to optimize the sorting before edging, to achieve optimized typesetting and output.

Detailed Working Steps

Technical Parameter

Technical Description