The LJTJ2030 Automatic Insulating Glass Vertical Sealing Robot Machine has the characteristics of full glass sealing edge, no bubbles, precise control of glue output, high production efficiency, low labor intensity, and consistent sealing effect standards, which are well received by users.

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LJTJ2030 Automatic Insulating Glass Vertical Sealing Robot Machine

Product Description

LJDM2545 Smart Vertical Edge Deleting Machine

LJDM2545 smart vertical edge deleting machine is used to delete the edge film of the Low-e glass. The glass edge deleting machine adopts imported servo control system, positioning accurately with smooth operation. High quality grinding wheels are durable, can produce neat and beautiful grinding crack. The distance can be set among 10 ~ 150 mm arbitrarily.

Advantages & Features

Benefits & Advantages

•Japan Yaskawa servo system control, full automatic and high-efficiency sealing machine 
•4 sections, can storage glass 
•Adopt timing belt, smooth transfer and accurate position 
•Automatically repair glass corners with scraper and roller 
•Automatically measure glass size, glue depth (30mm) 
•Every auto-function is with manual operation 
•Can coat special type of double glass 
•Shape glass with optional edges, step glass, triple glass (Optional) 
•One set of booster pump controls two groups of sealants (Optional) 
•Can use silicone, polysulfide and silicone structural sealants 
•Glue head is in the front of the machine, which is easy for coating step glass 
•Can be connected with insulating glass processing line  
•With code scanning function (Optional)

The Smooth Glue Surface

After applying glue, It will ensure that the corners of the glass are full, without bubbles and other impurities, and the glue surface is so smooth.

The High-precision Servo Control System

It adopts Japanese Yaskawa servo control system with clear wiring layout to ensure stable overall performance of the equipment.

The Glass Coating

Automatically measure glass size, glue depth and glue speed through linear adjustment to ensure the stability of insulating glass coating quality.

Glue Pump A and Glue Pump B

Equipped with a single A component and a single B component, mixed and glued. When applying glue, glue pump A and glue pump B are automatically mixed to realize automatic proportioning.

Main Technical Parameter



Max. glass processing size


Min. glass processing size


Glass thickness


Diameter of grinding wheel


Conveyor height


Edge deleting width


Transmission speed


Edge deleting speed


Abrasive wheel width


Grinding wheel speed


Total air consumption

100L/ min

Air pressure


Total power

3P 380V 50Hz 3.35KW



Total weight


Product name
Vertical Insulating Glass Sealing Robot
Working speed
5-40m/min size
400mm*370mm size
Squeeze pressure
Air pressure
380V or 220V 50Hz 3P
Insulating glass thickness
Customers' request
LIJIANG Glass Automatic Insulated Glass Sealing Robot Equipment is divided into four sections. Small pieces of glass can store one more piece of glass during the second sealing process of insulating glass, reducing the handling of upper and lower pieces and improving processing efficiency; what I learned is that the sealing line of other automatic processing equipment for insulating glass They are all three paragraphs.

Both the front and rear columns of the sealing robot line can be connected with the insulating glass production line to directly produce large and small pieces of glass. Compared with the sealing line at the front of the column, the sealing line at the rear of the column cannot be connected with the insulating glass production line.

The equipment can be sealed once or twice. The use of one-time sealing has higher requirements for the placement of spacers, and at the same time has higher requirements for the size and accuracy of spacers; generally speaking, the effect of one-time sealing is definitely not as good as that of two-time sealing, but the speed of two-time sealing is slow, which affects the overall processing efficiency.