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As the solution supplier for 
insulating glass processing machineLIJIANG Glass, are happy to share with you our new distributor program so that you could sell our products more easily and better. The combination of your marketing expertise and our company's high-quality products makes us a successful combination.

In this new reseller program, you will find the most important product sales tools and learn more about how to benefit from our business partnership. Our listed sales incentives and unique selling points can help you provide a solid argument when selling our insulating glass equipment product line.

The sales tools provided by our company will include distributor sales guides, application manuals, product series manuals, product leaflets, price lists, e-commerce websites, selection guides, platform advertising support, page advertising, Google advertising, indoor display materials (for display showrooms, events or exhibitions), outdoor advertising, animation loops, product podiums, work clothes, uniform and gifts, partner business schools, joint events, exhibitions support, and seminars, etc., could effectively ensure the exponential increase in your product sales and increase in sales profits.

Our company's 
insulating glass production line equipment R & D, production, and sales team hope that this dealer plan will have an immediate effect on you. Our company wishes you all the best in terms of sales and business development.


 The Sales Conversion

How many orders could customers offer me in the local marketing.

 The Marketing Capacity

How big is the marketing capacity in the local marketing.

 The Agency Policy

How many orders could I handle by myself as an agent.

 The annual sales value target

The annual sales value target of the local marketing amount exceeds 100,000 USD.

 The warehouses in the local area

Establish two warehouses in the local area with a storage area of no less than 300 square meters

 Pay an entrance fee

For the first delivery / becoming our local distributor, you must pay an entrance fee of 100,000 USD.

Product Series Brochure

Product Series Brochure

LIJIANG Glass actively provides market data analysis for various types of customers. The insulating glass global marketing data includes local glass sales analysis in various countries around the world, insulating glass market distribution, import and export data summary, and glass deep processing industry situation summary, providing high-quality glass deep processing practitioners Business data reference.

Sales Data Analysis

Sales Data Analysis

LIJIANG Glass actively provides market data analysis for various types of customers. The insulating glass global marketing data includes local glass sales analysis in various countries around the world, insulating glass market distribution, import and export data summary, and glass deep processing industry situation summary, providing high-quality glass deep processing practitioners Business data reference.

Exhibitions & Business Meetings

Exhibitions & Business Meetings

LIJIANG Glass will provide professional exhibition guidance and suggestions for agents, distributors, and other local sales networks. After becoming our company's regional agent, we will send a salesperson with many years of business experience and many years of after-sales service experience at each exhibition. Of technical personnel assisted in the exhibition, providing technical guidance and business support.

Based on years of industry experience in glass deep processing and supply chain management integration, we will provide the above business information to drive you to take action to make changes...


1. Increase category:

Such as cost increase, inventory increase, customer complaints, production defect rate, employee turnover, returns, etc...


2. Declining category:

Decrease in sales volume, gross profit, market share, service, production capacity, number of customers, cargo turnover rate, etc...


3. Potential opportunities:

Missed glass processing market opportunities, new glass producing market trends failed to seize the opportunity, etc...


4. What must be implemented:

Government decrees stipulate that certain products must be upgraded or eliminated; Update of environmental standards and production standards, industry standards revisions lead to the need to order new equipment, etc. …


5. Others must be considered:

The cooperative relationship between the two parties has deteriorated, the current equipment does not meet the requirements, and the current product line is not competitive enough; new Supplier Balancing Pinning down major suppliers to gain bargaining chips, etc...


6. Business data analysis support:

More business models such as SWOT analysis, 5W1H analysis, PEST analysis, Boston matrix, Porter's five forces model, OGSM principles, etc. to assist you in the implementation of strategies and the formulation of goals

Combine Strengths Opportunity Strategies (SO)

The intersection of strengths and opportunities is a key indicator of what a company needs to focus on to be successful. It shows areas of overlap between a company's internal strengths and opportunities external to the market. So, SO strategy is the way to develop a strong competitive advantage.

LIJIANG Glass has strong brand awareness and customer loyalty, and it has unique insights and development capabilities in equipment product design, and aesthetics. Combining these factors (internal advantages of the business) with the increasing popularity of home improvement insulating glass doors and windows, glass curtain wall buildings (good market opportunity) is what led to the launch of the first Automatic Jumbo Size Double Argon-gas Filling Insulating Glass Production Line.

Combining Weaknesses Opportunities (WO)

The company has some weaknesses in this area, but it happens that there are viable opportunities in the market that require expertise in this area. Strategies in this category are those that focus on addressing organizational weaknesses to exploit opportunities.

Compared to other competitors, LIJIANG Glass has a relatively small product portfolio, which is one of its few weaknesses (although this may be debatable). When new opportunities arise in the market in the form of the latest trends, LIJIANG Glass is not always the quickest to take advantage of it. However, LIJIANG Glass has still made good use of the WO strategy in its commercial success. Large-format glazed buildings started gaining traction in 2016 and represent a strong market opportunity. Competitors such as Lisec/Forel/Bystronic launched automated production line equipment in this field in the next few years and achieved good returns. Subsequently, LIJIANG Glass overcame its own shortcomings, entered this market with its production line in 2020, and achieved success.

Strategies that Combine Strengths Threats (ST)

When the enterprise has certain advantages, but there are factors that pose a threat to the enterprise in the external market, which limits the use of these advantages. So, the purpose of a classification strategy is to take advantage of what can be exploited to bypass threats posed in the environment.

Some of the strengths of LIJIANG Glass are its customizable device product design capabilities and strong brand loyalty, which are earned with consumers. It uses these advantages to promote the use of its professional automated production lines in the home decoration glass market and curtain wall glass market. However, LIJIANG Glass is facing threats in some markets in Asia, Africa and Latin America. By making proper use of its advantages in product design and brand loyalty, a considerable number of glass deep-processing enterprises will continue to choose to purchase insulating glass production lines.

Combining Weakness Threat Tactics (WT)

Threat strategies are designed to minimize the impact on the company while overcoming the negative impact of internal vulnerabilities. As you know, these tactics are usually defensive. They seek to protect the company from competition.

Since LIJIANG Glass launched the automatic glass film sorting and storage system in 2020, although the series of products has been upgraded many times over the years, they have not achieved commercial success. Its weakness is mainly limited in function and interconnection, and the degree of automatic connection is not high. Introducing and launching a set of ERP+MES information management systems belonging to LIJIANG Glass is a WT strategy to promote glass deep processing enterprises to realize digital management of all automatic equipment as soon as possible. This is because it in part helps companies reduce their vulnerabilities and overcome growing threats.

Special Sales Authorization and Prices

Support distributors to apply for opening a distributor account under our company to obtain our company's sales authorization and special discounted prices; our company will allocate local marketing expenses to distributors and provide necessary equipment sales and after-sales services maintenance training.

Establish Your Own Brands

Support the production of Stick Labels including but not limited to the company name, address, telephone number, email address, website, etc. to promote equipment sales; and encourage powerful distributors to establish their own brands or Private Labels.

Establish Your Own Distribution System

The flexible formulation includes but is not limited to exclusive distribution agreements or non-exclusive distribution agreements, maintaining the balance between maximum competition and minimum brand friction in equipment sales, and helping distributors to establish their own product distribution system.

Flexible Price Protection Policy

Flexible price protection policy, according to the distributor's business model, role in the supply chain, sales channels of its products, how to promote and sell them in the local market, what are the main customer groups, and what is the most concerned about in the cooperation process, targeted price protection and policy support.

Build a Suitable Sales System

Build a suitable sales system for distributors, assist distributors to complete the pre-signed performance amount on a monthly, quarterly, and annual basis, and share warehouse rental costs, after-sales personnel service costs, and marketing promotion costs in proportion to their sales.

Develop Your Own Sales Market

With a huge base of linked customers, and rich experience in market expansion in the upstream and downstream of the circulation chain, there will be no Green Hand behavior and with a deep understanding of Marketing Rules, you can safely develop your own sales market.

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