Distinguish any items in the workplace in the factory workshop as necessary and unnecessary, except for those that are necessary to stay, and eliminate everything else. Purpose: To free up space, use the space flexibly, prevent misuse, and create a refreshing work scene.


Place the necessary items left behind according to the specified position, and place them neatly for identification. Purpose: Clear the workplace at a glance, eliminate the time to find items, a neat working environment, and eliminate excessive backlogs


Clean all the places that are visible and invisible in the workplace, and maintain a clean and beautiful environment in the workplace. Purpose: Stabilize the production quality of equipment and reduce industrial damage.


Carry out tidying, rectification, and cleaning to the end, and institutionalize, and always keep the environment in a beautiful state. Purpose: Create a clear scene and maintain the above 3S results.


Each member develops good working habits, obeys the company's relevant system and rules to do things, and develops a proactive and professional dedication. Purpose: Cultivate employees who have good habits and abide by the rules, and build a team spirit.


Attach importance to the safety education of members, and have the concept of safety first at all times to prevent problems before they occur. Purpose: Establish a safe production environment, all work is established under the premise of safety.