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16 Jun

Insulating glass blinds are traditional sunshade products that are generally opened or closed using manual pull ropes or mechanical methods. Relying on advanced technology, the blinds are installed entirely in the insulating glass, and magnetic force is used to control the blinds in the insulating glass, which can be easily raised, lowered, or flipped 180 degrees. This product not only saves space but also achieves the purpose of shading. It also has thermal insulation and anti-noise functions, while giving buildings and indoors a novel vision. Whether in summer or winter, the angle of the blinds can be adjusted to achieve sun shading or lighting and heating, greatly reducing air conditioning energy consumption. It is estimated that when the louvers are closed, the energy-saving effect can reach up to 40%. Due to the double-layer tempered glass structure, it has high wind resistance and external impact resistance, so it is more suitable for high-rise and coastal buildings. This product can also replace traditional partition walls, etc.

Louver insulating glass is a new product that installs louvers in an insulating glass cavity. The angle of the louvers in the insulating glass can be adjusted at will to make it fully transparent, semi-transparent, or light-blocking. into all light-transmitting windows. It particularly highlights the unique thermal insulation, sound insulation, dust pollution prevention, safety, and other advantages of insulating glass. It is the ideal product to solve the window shading performance of buildings. Product Features Reasonable use of space: No special installation space for blinds is required. Make the space more spacious. Strong sound insulation effect: The wide hollow isolation layer ensures the creation of a quiet space and strengthens the sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, and windproof functions. Good sanitary environment: blocks dust and pollutants, creating a pleasant living environment. Economical and practical: No need to worry about wear and damage, it can be used cleanly for a long time.
1. Energy saving
Hollow louver glass is made of high-quality double-layer tempered glass with built-in imported aluminum louver blades and a single-handle magnetic control mechanism. In summer, adjusting the louvers to the closed state can block direct sunlight, block the convection of hot and cold air, and greatly reduce the energy consumption of indoor air conditioners. In winter, the louver blades can be lifted to allow direct sunlight to fully absorb heat energy. Coupled with the 20mm barrier of the hollow layer, the indoor thermal insulation temperature will be greatly increased, thereby achieving the purpose of saving energy and operating costs. Louver insulating glass is a new energy-saving product with louvers installed inside insulating glass. Venetian blinds are a traditional heat-insulating sunshade product. Insulated glass is a heat-insulating product formed in recent years. It combines traditional blinds and insulated glass into one and operates the blinds through magnetic control of the closing device and lifting device. , which not only saves space and inconvenience, but also makes the glass doors and windows have good shading performance, improves the insulation performance of the insulating glass, and improves the indoor light environment.
2. Dust-proof, oil-smoke-proof and pollution-proof
This product has the advantages of being dust-proof, oil-smoke-proof, and pollution-proof. At the same time, due to the use of a high-tech magnetic induction transmission system, it is easier to close and open the louver blades, and to move up and down; the louver blades do not need to be cleaned, saving time, effort, and energy. The effect of money. The built-in louver hollow glass door and window system not only creates a personalized private space but also brings you a quiet, comfortable, and healthy environment unconsciously.
3. Fire resistance
In any building, traditional curtains are flammable, and in the event of a fire, curtains made of cloth, chemical fiber, and other materials will release a large amount of toxic smoke when burning, causing suffocation and casualties to people indoors. Built-in louver insulating glass is not only protected from open flames but also does not release thick smoke in a fire. Double-layer tempered glass and built-in aluminum-magnesium louver blades can also block the transmission of flames, effectively reducing the probability of fire, and are a reliable fire prevention product.
4. Sound insulation
According to testing, insulated glass can generally reduce the noise transmitted from outdoors to indoors by about 25 decibels, while single-handle magnetically controlled built-in louver insulated glass can reduce indoor noise even more, with the noise reduction reaching 36 decibels, ensuring perfect sound insulation.
5. Anti-frost
In areas with relatively cold winters, due to the large temperature difference between indoors and outdoors, general glass door and window systems will suffer from ice and frost. The use of built-in louver insulated glass door and window systems, due to its good air tightness and water tightness, isolates moisture penetration and effectively avoids ice and frost on the door and window glass systems.

Product technologies

  • The maximum shading rate (1 - shading coefficient) can reach more than 84%;
  • The thermal performance level reaches level 5 or above (K≤ 2.0 W/m2·h);
  • The wind pressure resistance performance level reaches level 5 or above (P3 ≥ 3.0 KPa);
  • The watertight performance level can reach level 5 (?P ≥ 1500 Pa);
  • The air tightness performance level can reach level 4 (qL ≤ 0.5 m3/m*h);
  • The sound insulation performance level can reach level 3 (Rw ≤ 42 db);

Product application: Insulated louver glass is widely used in various types of buildings such as residential buildings, office buildings, villas, and public buildings. No matter how high-end and luxurious your apartment or villa is decorated, Chinese cooking always produces a lot of oil fumes, making the curtains used in the kitchen covered with oil stains and dust, making them easy to get dirty and difficult to clean, which is always a problem that troubles housewives. Traditional curtains are mostly made of flammable cotton yarn, chemical fiber, and other materials, which are more likely to become a fire hazard. The scarcity of urban land has led to an increase in building density. Protecting the privacy rights of owners and creating personalized private spaces are the basic principles of humanized architectural aesthetics. Now, as long as you gently slide the magnetic sensor slider and adjust the lifting, opening, and closing of the blinds, you can create your favorite light-transmitting environment in the bedroom, bathroom, and living room. Many buildings use glass curtain walls as the exterior decoration surface of the building, which is crystal clear, high-end, and luxurious. Once put into use, the curtains installed and used by users are all kinds of weird, seriously affecting the appearance of the building. The use of built-in louver insulating glass can reflect the neat and luxurious beauty of the building. While saving the cost of installing and cleaning curtains, it also has multiple functions of energy saving, sound insulation, fire prevention, dust prevention, and ultraviolet protection. In hospitals and many hospitals, the air cleanliness is poor, and particles of various viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, dust, etc. can spread freely. Failure to clean curtains or external blinds in time will become a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria, causing cross-infection, which is not conducive to patient diagnosis, treatment, and recovery, and is not conducive to the formation of a harmonious doctor-patient relationship. The school is also a special environment. It uses built-in louvered insulating glass to protect students from external interference during class study; it blocks direct sunlight from strong sunlight and protects students' vision.

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